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Mom hears her daughter screaming, turns around, and freezes in terror

Toddler and dog walk in yard together dog-happy © CBS New York - Youtube

Emily Wagner was sitting on her porch in Long Valley, New Jersey, USA, when her 3 and a half-year-old daughter Harper started screaming for help.

By Justine Seraphin

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When Emily checked to see what was going on, she became petrified. Just a few yards from her daughter stood a 400 lb black bear.

One heroic rescue

Emily felt helpless. She was too far from her daughter to be able to come to her rescue in time. Thankfully, the family owns a brave dog by the name of Chief.

When Chief realised his little human was in danger, he ran to the bear, and threw himself onto his back leg, trying to pull him away from the toddler.

The agitation in the back yard was a call for backup for the other dogs in the family. The three other canines ran out of the house and joined Chief in protecting their family. They started barking fearlessly at the bear, who started to back away. The dogs barked and chased the bear until he was long gone.

A happy ending for all parties

Officials won’t kill a bear unless it poses a severe threat to people, which apparently isn’t the case with this bear. Though he gets close to people and their houses, he isn’t aggressive. “I’m not mad at the bear, at all. It’s not his fault,” Emily told CBS News.

Nonetheless, she is very relieved that her daughter is safe, and that her amazing dogs were there to save the day.

“Chief protected me,” added little Harper. It certainly is an experience that the family will never forget.

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