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Dog doesn’t come when called, so owner takes a closer look and starts running

Great Dane standing in neighbour's driveway dog-happy
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Rob Jerry was taking his dog out on a morning walk, as he usually does, on a cold winter day. But on that day, Sadie, his Great Dane, refused to move when he called her.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 31/03/2021, 06:30

Rob knew something was up. Sadie was just standing there, staring straight down his neighbour’s driveway.

No matter how many times Rob called her, the Great Dane stayed perfectly still, not wanting to leave her spot.

On a rescue mission

Rob heard what he thought was a deer grunt in the distance. Could it be the deer that Sadie was looking at? Unlikely, she would’ve wanted to chase it rather than stare at it. When Rob listened closer, he realised the sounds were not coming from an animal, but from a human! Someone was calling for help!

Rob ran closer to where his dog was standing, and discovered his 89-year-old neighbour lying flat on his stomach in his driveway. He had slipped on the ice when he had gone to get his mail in the morning. Not able to stand, he waited for over an hour before Sadie discovered him.

Rob immediately contacted an ambulance who came to check on his elderly neighbour. While they waited for help to arrive, Sadie didn’t leave the old man’s side, as if to protect him in case he needed her help again.

That was a close one!

The elderly neighbour did suffer a few bruises and a broken hip, but things could’ve been much worse for him had Sadie not refused the recall and stayed by his side to make his presence known.

What a heroic girl! Sometimes, not listening to commands works out for the best.

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