Dog gas relief: Home remedy: greyhound with mouth open

There are simple changes you can make to your dog's lifestyle that will alleviate gas.

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Dog gas relief: Home remedy ideas

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Dog gas might not ruin your life, but it can certainly ruin your evening. Here's what you can try at home to alleviate your dog's smelly farting.

Dogs fart. It is a fact of life. That means that lots of dog-lovers just assume they have to live with it. But you don’t! If your dog has a real talent for crafting exquisitely awful wind, you can discourage his grand ambitions with a number of home remedies.

What causes dog gas?

Your dog’s stomach and intestines are a rich jungle for the micro flora and bacteria that help him to digest his food. And as they process that nosh, the food releases gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and hydrogen. That gas has to go somewhere. And when it combines with hydrogen sulphide or ammonia, it gets out in style.

Excessive farting can be a sign of something more serious than a bad smell. If your dog is farting more than usual, or worse than usual, and he also shows signs of belly pain, loss of appetite, or diarrhoea, you should take him to your vet. Out-of-character farting could also be due to a change of diet, allergies, parasites, food poisoning, or even stress.

But if it’s just regular or seasonal farting, you might want to deal with it yourself using home remedies.

Here are some options:

Home remedy for dog gas #1: Change his food

In the end, your dog’s farts are powered by the food he eats. If smelly gas is an ongoing problem, try switching up your dog’s choice of branded food, or the type of food that he eats. Dairy, beans, fatty foods can all fuel your dog’s stink bombs. Highly digestible, low-fibre foods may help reduce the impact. You might want to consult his vet to see what she advises for a dog of his size, breed, and medical history. But be careful to change his diet gradually, as a sudden change can create gas problems of its own.

Home remedy for dog gas #2: Cut the scraps

His food may be ‘cleared’ for stinking him up, but if you continue to feed your dog little treats from the table then he may still catch you off guard with random atrocities. Remember, what goes in must come out. This is the second law of dog.

Home remedy for dog gas #3: Parsley

Maybe your dog is just pretentious, and he’s pumping to let you know he’d like to be treated like a customer in a restaurant. Well, probably not. But all the same, parsley is known to be a digestive ‘de-stinker’ for humans and dogs alike. Don’t overdo it, but a few finely chopped leaves or drops of parsley oil in doggo’s dinner can improve the flavour of his food and of the air.

Home remedy for dog gas #4: Yoghurt

Your dog may not be ready to hold a spoon, but that doesn’t mean he’s not ready for yoghurt. The bacteria in yoghurt (or in probiotic milk) can aid your dog’s digestion, and boost his immune system as a bonus. Add a little to his evening meal, and see how it goes. But be warned: if he has a dairy allergy, this remedy could backfire in the purest sense of the word.

Home remedy for dog gas #5: Ginger

Ginger is amazing. It’s cheap, smells great, tastes exotic, may work as an anti-inflammatory and help fight colds and flu. Plus, of course, it’s great for the digestive system. If you can bear to share your ginger stash with your dog, make him some ginger tea. Otherwise, you can get ginger for dogs in pills or powder form.

Home remedy for dog gas #6: Slow him down

A lot of dogs will eat their dinner as fast as dogly possible. Believe it or not, when your dog eats quickly like this he actually ends up ‘eating’ a lot of air, too.

Do you remember the second law of dog? Yes, that air has to come out somehow. And combined with any of the possible causes for stinky-fart, it is likely to come out flavoured as only your beloved pet knows how.

You can slow your dog’s eating habits by buying (or making) a special bowl that makes chow time into something of a puzzle for him. It might even make him cleverer as well as less smelly.

Or is that too much to hope for?

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