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Everything you need to know about mange shampoo for dogs

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Mange is a common skin disease in dogs. It can be quite terrible as it makes the skin look like stone! Hence the importance of using mange shampoo for dogs!

Perhaps you have heard the term “mangy mutt” as a way of describing a dog that is dirty or smelly. People use this phrase in the wrong way! Mange has nothing to do with hygiene. If you didn’t know this, it is a well-defined medical condition that causes coat and skin problems for dogs. Even though mange isn’t terribly common, it is not unusual to see a dog suffering its effects. It can be quite contagious depending on which type of mange. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to treat with the help of mange shampoo for dogs. With this said, let’s start with the basics!

What is mange?

As it was already mentioned, mange has nothing to do with hygiene, contrary to common belief. In fact, this disease is the result of a widespread infestation of mites! According to vets, there are two forms of mange: Demodectic and Sarcoptic. Each of them is caused by a different species of mite. In order to treat them properly with mange shampoo for dogs, it is important to determine which species is the one to exterminate!

Causes of canine mange

Mange doesn’t only affect dogs. It is a disease that affects other animals like reptiles and birds. When it comes to dogs, there are two major types of mange mites: Demodex and Sarcoptes mites. These can reside below the skin surface or very deep in the skin hair follicles. Additionally, these two types of mites cause two very different diseases which in turn require different diagnosis and treatments.

Signs of dog mange

The first thing that points towards dog mange is hair loss. You will see large patches of hair who will start to fall out. This usually starts on the face, and then it will spread to other parts of the body. Depending on which type of mange, the disease can be either localised or generalised.

The most common symptoms of mange include:

  1. Extreme itchiness
  2. Redness
  3. Thick crusts
  4. Bacteria and yeast infections
  5. Thickening of the skin
  6. Emaciation (extreme cases)

How to diagnose mange?

Your veterinarian will have to take one or more skin scrapings and hair samples to look under a microscope for the presence of eggs or mites. There are times that the test will turn out negative as no mites appear in the skin samples although the symptoms strongly suggest that there is an infestation. Nonetheless, the vet will recommend a mange shampoo for dogs, among other treatments options, to treat the symptoms of this disease.

Mange shampoo for dogs is a great treatment option

The treatment options for mange depend on whether it’s localised or generalised. Localised mange is usually treated with topical remedies and mange shampoo for dogs. Shampoos are an excellent way to get rid of mange. So, when choosing a mange shampoo for dogs, make that it has Benzoyl Peroxide. This ingredient penetrates the skin faster thus flushing out all the mites.

Generalised mange will require a more aggressive treatment. This type of mange needs special mange shampoo for dogs, dips, and antibiotics to stop the infection. On the one side, the shampoo will flush out the follicles. On the other side, the antibiotics will attack any other body symptom plus the bacterial infection. This treatment needs to be repeated to ensure that all the mites and eggs are eliminated. After you cure your dog’s mange infestation, you need to be careful with the rest of your pet’s life. Re-infestation is a likely scenario. Plus, the second time around, your dog’s immune system might have a tougher time fighting this disease.

Prevention of dog mange

Unfortunately, mange cannot be prevented. Nonetheless, you can make sure that your dog’s environment is clean and free of mite! Also, prevent your dog doesn’t come in contact with an infected animal. There is no medicine to prevent it, but you can always use mange shampoo for dogs any time you believe that your dog has mange! This will slow down the spreading of the disease. Remember, even though mange is impossible to avoid, you can make sure that if it happens, you deal with it promptly.

Final thoughts

Mange is a very serious disease that should concern every dog owner! Make sure that you have a special kit at home packed with mange shampoo for dogs among other treatments options so that you can deal with this infestation ASAP!

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