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How much to get a dog spayed? Read this pet parent guide!

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If you think that getting a dog spayed is expensive, then you might need to reconsider! Read this article to find out how much to get a dog spayed.

By Daniel Mar

Updated on the 27/05/2020, 08:49

Spaying your female dog can have many benefits for her and the local community. This surgical procedure tends to vary in cost, depending on many factors. But usually, it is advisable to avoid going to cheap places that could offer low-quality procedures. Nevertheless, before you get into how much to get a dog spayed, you should learn some basic information about spaying.

What is spaying?

Spaying is the process whereby a veterinarian surgically removes your female dog’s ovaries and uterus. Vets recommend spaying a female dog after the first 6 months of age. Nonetheless, new research suggests that you should spay large breed dogs after 18-22 months of age. This greatly reduces the risk of cancer and joint problems. This procedure, although risky, is very straightforward. It takes a few hours to carry out but several days of recovery.

Benefits of spaying your dog

Studies have proven that dogs become more affectionate after the procedure. Furthermore, it reduces considerably the chances of getting cancer in these parts of the body! Since spayed pets have their ovaries and uterus removed, these organs cannot become victims of cancer. The only downside of this procedure is that your dog will never be able to get pregnant, so don’t expect a litter of puppies. At the same time, spaying helps to reduce the overpopulation of dogs.

How much to get a dog spayed?

If you ever wondered how much to get a dog spayed, you might be surprised by the answer. Many pet parents think that this procedure costs thousands of pounds. Fortunately, the average cost to traditionally spay a dog is £170.

There are other more specialised procedures like a keyhole spay which can cost £350. As you can see, it cost double the price of a traditional spaying. Nevertheless, if you can afford a keyhole procedure, do it! It results in a much smaller incision which makes healing much easier and less painful.

There are times when spaying is important to cure a very harmful disease like pyometra. Do you know how much to get a dog spayed after she has pyometra? Well, an emergency pyometra spay can cost £1,000. Yes, it is quite expensive.

Low-cost spaying

If you were wondering how much to get a dog spayed in a low-cost facility, you should know it is much cheaper. However, the degree of quality may suffer a toll! In every country, there are low-cost clinics that operate on a budget and can charge you less money for ambulatory operations. The conditions are not optimal but it will be cheaper. If you can avoid this, you should! There is no guarantee that your dog will be healthy after the procedure.

Does pet insurance cover procedures like spaying?

Generally, pet insurance will not pay the cost of routine or preventative spay. Yet when it comes to neutering, which is removing a male dog’s testicular, pet insurance may cover its cost if your pet is suffering from an injury or illness and neutering is essential to treat it. The distinction between male and female apparently makes a difference to pet insurance!

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that neutering is much cheaper than spaying. Nevertheless, the policy must change to include emergency spaying for low-income families that have no means to fund this type of operation. The truth is that spaying was never a priority to them.

How does spaying change your dog?

Spaying can make a very noticeable difference to your dog’s behaviour. It can cause several physical and behavioural changes. On one side, it represents a very important change to your dog’s medical risks. Indeed, the age at which you choose to spay your female dog can drastically change the risk of developing cancer among other related diseases. On the other side, it can eliminate behaviours of a female dog when in heat. As you may know, female dogs when in heat, like to wander off in search for male dogs. This can be dangerous. But by spaying your dog, you will stop heat season forever.

Now that you know how much to get a dog spayed, you need to consider if it is a priority for you. If it is, make sure that your dog meets the age requirement and go through with it! As you just read, it causes many benefits in the long run!