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Everything you need to know about dog mite shampoo!

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Mites are a major concern for dog owners. They can be easily treated and prevented with the aid of a dog mite shampoo! Want to know more?

Mites are very tiny creatures. They usually grow up to a millimetre long. Regardless of their tiny size, they can burrow into your dog’s skin and cause irritation and inflammation. This makes them a fairly common health concern for dogs. These parasites can cause a range of skin conditions all over a dog’s body: mites can affect the fur, ears, chest, neck, etc. Mites are also the cause of ‘mange’ which is a well-known skin condition in dogs. Since these parasites are a complete headache, you need to be prepared! That is why a dog mite shampoo is the most vital weapon to keep around! But before getting there, let’s start with the basics.

Effect of mite on your dog’s skin

When your pet is infested with the mite, it results in a condition called mange. The two most common types are “sarcoptic mange” and “demodectic mange”. Furthermore, there are other conditions caused by mites like cheyletiellosis, and trombiculosis. These diseases are quite harmful which is why it is important to detect them fast! Only then can you treat them with the help of a dog mite shampoo.

How do dogs get mite?

Your dog can catch mites if he comes into contact with another dog who has them. This is why it is important that you avoid contact between your dog and any other unknown dog! You can never be too sure about another pet’s overall health. It is critical that whenever you are on a walk with your dog, you stay alert of any accidental encounters.

Likewise, dogs can also get mites from their environment meaning their bed or in the carpet. You will be surprised at how fast can a dog pick up mite from an infested site! The only thing that can save a full-scale infestation is a dog mite shampoo.

Symptoms of dog mites

You know that your dog has mites when he displays the symptoms of mange. This disease is quite common and easy to detect. Generally, your dog will be very itchy. Affected dogs tend to damage their skin and coat with the constant scratching. Seeing redness and scabs is very normal. There are other concerning symptoms like:

  • hair loss
  • sore areas
  • scaling
  • crusting
  • lesions
  • the darkening of affected skin
  • dandruff
  • excessive scratching

After you know for a fact that your dog has mites, the first thing that you have to do before going to the vet is getting informed about the use of a dog mite shampoo!

Diagnosing dog mites

If you have the suspicion that your dog has mites, the first thing that you must do is carefully study his skin. If your dog is scratching, biting, or chewing himself, you need to take a closer look at what’s happening to him. Nevertheless, your vet is the best person to diagnose mites. He will study skin and hair samples under a microscope. This helps him to detect which type of mite to treat. This is important when buying a dog mite shampoo.

A dog mite shampoo is the best course of treatment

The good news is that most mite infestations can be treated with a simple dog mite shampoo. This type of shampoo can cure your dog of all kinds of mite. Its anti-parasitic properties make it very effective at killing mites. The best part is that you can buy a dog mite shampoo in any pet shop. But before you do that, you should ask your vet which type of shampoo to use.

Additionally, your vet can prescribe medicine or a spot-on to help get rid of the infestation. Sometimes, when the infestation is large, more than one treatment will be used at a time. In time, your dog will be completely free of mite!

Here are another alternative to treat ear mites in dogs: with home remedies

Prevention of dog mite

According to vets, the best way to prevent dog mites is to limit any contact between your dog and any other animal.  As you know, this can be tricky especially if you go on daily walks! Moreover, you need to make sure that his bedding and its surrounding environment is clean. Once in a while, you can bathe your dog with a low concentrated dog mite shampoo as a preventive measure. This disease can be very harmful but when caught in time, it is easy to treat. Follow these instructions and your pooch will be just fine.

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