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8 best collars for a puppy

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Picking the right collar for a puppy is very important. It helps with training; it keeps them safe; it’s also the law! Here’s our list of the 10 best collars for a puppy.

Picking the best collar for a puppy

Flat collars are a really good place to start. They’re not very expensive. They're also fitted with adjustable straps, which are perfect for a growing puppy. Flat collars are made of leather, chain, or nylon. Each material has its advantages, but nylon collars tend to be more comfortable and a little cheaper.

The width of the collar is really important. More width means a larger surface area. A larger surface area distributes pressure more evenly, reducing the risk of injury or discomfort.

You want the collar to be snug, but not to tight; comfortable, but still secure. Ideally, you should be able to fit two fingers in between the collar and your dog's neck.

5 best collars for a puppy

1# Blueberry Classic Dog Collar
Blueberry collars come in small and extra small sizes, making them ideal for your little pup. This high-quality nylon fabric collar is secure and comfortable. Fitted with a metal D ring lead attachment.
Price: £8.99

2# Jazooli Adjustable Soft Fabric puppy collar
This strong and durable collar is fitted with a quick release buckle and a solid steel loop that attaches to a lead.
Price: £2.49

3# Petween Basic Classic Padded Leather collar
A high-quality leather collar with an adjustable strap and buckle; a great combination of durability, comfort, and value for money.
Price: £6.85

4# Trixie Puppy Collar
Designed for puppies and smaller dogs, the Trixie puppy collar fits neck sizes from 17cm-25cm. A high-quality nylon collar with a quick release buckle.
Price: £7.00

5# MEKEET Adjustable Soft Genuine Leather Collar for Puppy
A hand-made leather collar that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Easy to put and take off. Fitted with a stainless steel lead attachment.
Price: 8.99

Best puppy collars and leads

6# Harris Tweed puppy collar and lead set
A stylish collar and lead matching set. The adjustable collar can fit neck sizes between 20cm - 30 cm. The lead is 120cm long. Comfortable, fashionable, and secure.
Price: £27.99

7# Hem & Boo Adjustable Nylon Puppy Collar
A fully adjustable collar with a stylish design and matching lead. The nylon fabric combines comfort with safety.
Price: £6.65

8# Newtensina Fashion Dog Collar and Lead
A bright pink collar and lead combo. Fun but safe. Cute but secure. Comes in three different sizes: xx-small, x-small, and small. Perfect choice for designer toy breeds.
Price: £10.62

Getting your puppy used to their collar

Most puppies don't like their collars to begin with. If your puppy really doesn't like it, remove the collar after a few minutes. Try again the next day, but leave it on a little bit longer. Puppy training is about patience and consistency. Stick with it!  They'll soon get used to their new collar.
Tip: Don't leave your puppy unattended. Puppies are inquisitive little creatures. Their collars can snag on things quite easily.This could cause serious injury.

Collar training for puppies

Some puppies hate wearing collars! These guys require a bit more training. Much of a dogs behaviour stems from the way they associate emotions with action. Therefore, it's important to build up positive associations with the collar. Start off by showing the puppy his/her new collar. Let them give it a sniff, and then reward them with a treat. Once you've fitted the collar, reward them with another treat or a bit of affection. Distract them with games and playtime. If you do this enough times, your puppy will associate wearing a collar with happy experiences. Or they might just forget they're wearing one!

Puppy collar training: stay patient

Although you're probably keen to move onto some lead training, be patient. Let your puppy get accustomed to their collar before overloading them with new information.

The right collar and lead combination is about comfort and security.  Picking the right collar is also really important for you as an owner. After all, keeping control of your dog is a legal requirement, no matter how small they are! And little dogs can soon grow into big dogs. Proper collar and lead training play an important part in making sure they grow up happy and safe.

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