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Introducing the Pets at Work programme

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Bring your pet to work with peace of mind with Purina's Pets at Work programme

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The presence of one or more pets in the office can be beneficial for all employees but it is still not very common. Can you imagine it though, a future where taking your pet to work is the norm.

In a few British companies, the presence of a dog, a cat, or even several pets (at Wamiz, we sometimes have 8 dogs that keep us company), seems to be so obvious that it has been integrated into daily life. 

Elsewhere, in companies that could potentially allow pets at work, we wonder why it doesn't exist yet. Although pets are part of the family, the idea of bringing them to work isn’t quite accepted and many people believe an animal should stay at home. And yet, everything they bring to us at home, they also bring to all our colleagues and, on a larger scale, to the company.

Today, it is mainly pet companies as well as small structures that have integrated Pets at Work, but this is still quite rare!

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The Pets at Work (PAW) programme by Purina

Did you know that having pets in the workplace reduces stress, promotes happiness and increases collaboration? That’s exactly what Purina has been experiencing since 2003 when they started welcoming pets into their offices. Purina strongly believes that people and pets are better together whether it’s at work or during playtime.

As a leading pet company, Purina has decided to show people how to enjoy all the benefits of having a pet in this ever changing world. And having pets at work is a great way to enjoy the presence of our pets throughout the day.

In 2017, Purina conducted a survey among pet lovers across Europe to find out what they thought about Pets at Work. Their conclusion? Pets at work enhances work-life balance, improves relationships in the workplace and creates a more relaxed work environment. 50% of employees see how the Pets at Work scheme could be beneficial for their companies.

Purina's team of pet-loving experts developed a bespoke three stage induction programme to ease dogs and owners into the world of PAW. Do you wish to join the Purina pack?

Encouraging the Pets at Work movement

The "Pets at Work" trend is not just a fashion, it is really beneficial for everyone and many studies prove it: less stress, better communication, greater efficiency... The advantages are numerous and show that together, humans and animals do wonders.

Purina is convinced of this. This is why the brand specialising in cat and dog food encourages companies to develop Pets at Work by allowing their employees to come to the office with their faithful companions.

Of course, this is not a decision that can be taken overnight or lightly. For example, you need to make sure that your boss and all employees agree (some may suffer from allergies or phobias) and that the animals are in good health.

Do you want to make your office pet-friendly because you believe it would be beneficial for your company, then what are you waiting for? Get in contact with Purina! They will be happy to help you.

The Pets at Work by Wamiz!

At Wamiz, Pets at Work is practised on a daily basis by employees who take great pleasure in taking their dogs to the office with them. We have several dogs in the office on a regular basis, which makes everyone happy and creates a very pleasant atmosphere.

Do you want to meet our happiness officers?

Shetland, Italian Greyhound and mixed breed dog
Liam the Sheltie, Elton the Italian Greyhound and Malinka the mixed-breed ©Wamiz
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Meet Loki, the Shetland ©Wamiz
White Jack Russell
Meet Boogie, the Jack Russell ©Wamiz
Black Chihuahua
Meet Lucky, the Chihuahua ©Wamiz
And if you still have doubts, find out more about how this initiative is a success at Purina with testimonials from employees and employers. 

Here at Wamiz, pet owners and pet lovers are so grateful to share their daily lives with their beloved pets. They are the best!

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