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Can you pay monthly for BorrowMyDoggy?

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By now you’ve must have heard of pet sharing, and the pioneer of dog borrowing, BorrowMyDoggy. But is BorrowMyDoggy any good? Is it free to use? Read on to find out more.

BorrowMyDoggy is the online community that connects local dog owners and trusted borrowers to share the care of a dog - from walks, weekend stay and even holidays. Unlike dog walkers or pet sitters, arrangements made through their website are not transactional as borrowing is based on the love of dogs rather than for a profit.

Can you pay monthly for BorrowMyDoggy?

It is completely free to sign up and create a profile on BorrowMyDoggy. Once you’ve created your profile you’re able to search for local dogs or borrowers in your area. Matches are based on location and availability - you can like other owner or borrower profiles you show you’re interested.

To ensure that everyone remains safe and protected you must subscribe to Premium membership before you speak to other members and start borrowing. Including in the membership fee is their safety check, access to 24/7 vet line and cover from Accident and Third Party Liability insurance. Once subscribed there are no other costs as borrowers help look after dogs because they simply miss spending time with one.

At the moment the BorrowMyDoggy Premium membership fee is annual and there is no option to pay monthly. The membership fee is £12.99 for borrowers a year and for owners it is £44.99 a year.

While there is no option to pay for the BorrowMyDoggy membership monthly, thousands of owners have shared how BorrowMyDoggy is a much cheaper alternative to kennels and doggy day care, who charge as much as our annual fee every day. But there is always a chance this may be an added option in the future.

How do you cancel your BorrowMyDoggy subscription?

The BorrowMyDoggy Premium membership renews every year unless cancelled. You can deactivate your automatic renewal by logging into your account and going to Account Settling and accessing Your Membership. Here you will be taken through the steps to cancel your renewal.

If, however, you’d like to cancel your subscription straight away or aren’t happy being part of their community, their help team can assist you with your membership and subscription. Just contact the BorrowMyDoggy team here - they’re always happy to help!

Is BorrowMyDoggy any good?

BorrowMyDoggy members have shared how their lives have improved, including the lives of their dogs, since joining BorrowMyDoggy, as they now enjoy extra love, attention and exercise when they may otherwise be alone at home.

It’s recommended that owners and borrowers get to know each other really well before a dog is borrowed. Just as you would with a friend, family member, kennel or dog walker, it's important people get to know each other well and everyone, including the dog, needs to feel happy and trust each other since each pooch and person is different.

Matches can take some time so don’t get disheartened if you don’t find the ‘pawfect match’ straight away! And you can always reach out to their team if you are struggling to find a dog or borrower.

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