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8 best dogs for working families

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Are you living the 9-5 but would still love a pooch? Are you worried you’d not have the time to look after a dog? Then here’s some info on the 8 best dogs for working owners.

Best dogs for working families: a few things to consider

First things first: there's no such thing as a “low-maintenance” dog. Some require less attention than others, but owning any type of dog involves a big commitment. You'll need to groom them, train them, take them for walks, visits to the vets, and even clean up their poop. The good news is that some dogs are a bit easier to look after. But remember, easier doesn't mean easy!

Best dog breeds for working owners

1# Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

The Wheaten Terrier has been around for over two hundred years. First bred in Ireland as an all-purpose working dog, the wheaten terrier also makes a great family pet. Extremely friendly and loving, the Wheaten Terrier is protective of its family without being too overbearing. They make great watchdogs and their independent natures mean they're a good choice for the working family. They still need regular exercise, but nowhere near as much as other working dogs.

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Wheaten Terriers are active and independent dogs © Pixabay

2# Greyhound

Despite being the fastest dog on the planet, Greyhounds are actually quite docile and relaxed. In fact, when they're not sprinting after imaginary hares, the greyhound is a bit of a couch potato. Great with kids, although a little shy around strangers, Greyhounds are comfortable in their own company. Greyhounds love stretching their legs, but they don't require long, time-consuming walks.

best dogs for busy people
Greyhounds are comfortable in their own company  © Pixabay

3# Boston terrier

One of the first breeds to be established in the USA, the Boston terrier is a small and versatile dog. They only need a moderate amount of exercise and their short coats are easy to maintain. They're also easy to train, very friendly, and especially good with younger children.

best dogs for busy people
Boston Terriers are great family dogs  © Pixabay

4# Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a sweet-natured and gentle breed. Their short coats don't require too much grooming, although you'll need to inspect their ears on a regular basis (hounds are very susceptible to ear infections.) The Basset Hound still needs a short walk each day, but they'll be happy to spend the rest of the day lazing around the house.

best dogs for working couples
Basset Hounds are "easier" to look after  © Pixabay

Best dog breeds for working couples

5# Chihuahua

The chihuahua is an independent little breed. This doesn't mean they’re easy to look after, but they’re a lot more straightforward than other breeds. The Chihuahua is a tiny dog that won't take up to much space, and their short smooth coats won't require hours of grooming. Due to its independent nature, the Chihuahua can be left alone for periods of time. Plus, because they're so small, looking after two chihuahuas is almost as easy as caring for one. Having a best friend will make your pet chihuahuas even more independent.

best dogs for busy people
Chihuahua's are independent little dogs  © Pixabay

6# Bullmastiff

Despite its massive frame, the Bullmastiff is a low energy dog. It makes them a suitable dog for busy working families. Just make sure you've got enough space - the larger mastiffs can weigh up to 200pounds! Mastiffs tend to become even more independent as they get older. However, like many larger breeds, Mastiffs tend to have a much shorter life expectancy. They'll start showing signs of old age when they're just years old, and they rarely live beyond 11-12 years.

best dogs for a working family
Mastiffs are a low energy breed © Pixabay

7# Brussels Griffon

Small, goofy, and very cute, the Brussel Griffon is the only breed known to have inspired a Star Wars character. Makeup artist Stuart Freeborn created designs for the Ewoks using photos of George Lucas's pet Griffons. The Brussel Griffon also had a starring role in the Jack Nicholson film "As Good As it Gets." But fame has not gone to their furry heads, and the Brussel Griffon makes a great pet for the busy modern family. They're friendly, sociable, but also very independent.

best dogs for busy people
Best dogs for busy working people© Pixabay

8# Cavalier King Charles spaniel

The Cavalier is a mild-mannered and gentle little soul that loves snuggling up on the sofa. These little dogs are satisfied with shorter walks, saving their busy owners lots of time. The Cavalier does have its grooming needs, but a weekly brush and a monthly trim will keep them looking smart. They do have a tendency to develop heart problems later in life, but the cavalier is generally a healthy and robust dog.

best dogs for working couples
Spaniels are good dogs for busy people © Pixabay

What breeds should I avoid?

As a rule, working people with busy lifestyles should avoid very active dogs, very smart dogs, and little puppies. These dogs have special requirements that put huge demands on a person's time. For example, really high-energy dogs require two long walks each day. Very intelligent dogs have very specific training requirements. Without it, they'll soon become bored and become difficult to handle. Puppies also need plenty of attention; looking after a young pup could amount to a second full-time job!

Remember, no dog is “easy” to look after - some are just easier than others. The key is finding a breed that matches your lifestyle. So take your time, think carefully, and do plenty of research before making your final decision.

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