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Cat names beginning with Y

Finding the purrfect cat name is not easy! Wamiz listed the coolest names for your new cat or kitten. For our top cat name list, we have find inspiration from famous movie characters, celebrities and we wanted your to travel around the world with our diverse names inspired by different languages.

Cats names that start with the letter Y

Female Male

1. Yahoo

1. Yabarak

2. Yanet

2. Yago

3. Yankee

3. Yaholo

4. Yappee

4. Yak

5. Yasmina

5. Yam

6. Yaya

6. Yamin

7. Yemma

7. Yann

8. Yenta

8. Yao

9. Yes

9. Yar

10. Yessir

10. Yarin

11. Yetina

11. Yax

12. Yicks

12. Yeager

13. Yip

13. Yeep

14. Yippee

14. Yellow

15. Yo yo

15. Yemon

16. Yodel

16. Yen

17. Yoga

17. Yeti

18. Yolanda

18. Yoda

19. Yosie

19. Yogi

20. Young

20. Yoko

21. Yuki

21. Yome

22. Yul

22. Yona

23. Yumi

23. Yorick

24. Yummy

24. York

25. Yuna

25. Yosha

26. Yuppy

26. Yoshi

27. Yuzzu

27. Yovani

28. Yvette

28. Yugo

29. Yvonne

29. Yukon

30. Yzma

30. Yuppo

How to choose a name for your cat?

Choosing your cat or kitten’s name is so important – once you’ve picked it, you can’t change it. So, finding the perfect one is crucial!

Once your cat has learned its name, you can use it to capture his/her attention, which makes communication between cat and owner a lot easier! That’s not to say your cat will actually listen to anything you say (as studies have shown), but it’s a start.

The most popular cat names in the UK are currently ‘Poppy’ for a female cat and ‘Oscar’ for a male cat. But picking a name can’t only be based on your personal preference – your cat needs to like it too!

Finding a good name for your cat

To pick a cat name, first consider the length of it. The shorter the name, the easier it will be for your cat to recognise it. Pet parents should also make sure the name they pick is easy to pronounce and rolls right off the tongue, again to enhance communication with the animal.

Other considerations include your cat’s size, sex, and personality. You can also inspire yourself from your cat’s breed, behaviour, habits, or physical appearance. For instance, ‘Grumpy’ would work well for cat breeds such as Persians or Himalayans, don’t you think?

Whatever the name you choose, make sure it’s a name you actually like. Cats are family members and will be your everyday companions for many happy years. You don’t want to be calling out a name you don’t like for that long!

Happy choosing!