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Woman finds miserable stray: In a year's time, he becomes the most gorgeous dog

German shepherd puppy dog-sad © Caro_the_shepherd - Instagram

A German Shepherd rescue dog has made an amazing recovery after getting a helping paw from a stranger. 

By Ashley Murphy

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The poor pooch was in such a bad way that Kylina Turner wondered if it was even real. She told the Dodo: 

“I thought he was a stuffed animal. He was completely frozen still, staring at me. I figured I should check just in case, and as I walked up to him his ear twitched...I was completely shocked that this was an animal, let alone a living one.”


One last chance

Its legs were tangled up in a wire bed frame in a back garden in Austin, Texas. The German Shepherd had obviously been there for some time and was far too weak to free itself. Seeing its last hope, the dog extended a paw toward Kylina. She said,  “He wasn’t scared of me and didn’t make a sound. He just watched what I was doing with a blank look in his eyes. I think he knew I was going to help him.”

Kylina was worried about handling a dog in such a delicate state, so she wrapped it in her jumper and lifted it to safety. As if he knew things were about to get better, the dog stayed close to his new friend.

“He followed right by my side as we walked to my car, where he immediately fell asleep, finally feeling safe.”

Luckily, there was an animal shelter less than 20 mins away, but the vets were shocked at the condition of this six-month-old pup. He was malnourished, dehydrated, sunburnt, and suffering from one of the worst cases of mange they'd ever seen. 

Caro makes a full recovery

Things weren't looking good; staff were unsure if “Caro” would survive. 

But this little rescue dog was much tougher than he looked and soon started showing signs of recovery. Kylina became so attached to Caro that she decided to foster him through the recovery period. Unsurprisingly, the two became even closer and what was meant to be a temporary home quickly became a permanent one. Caro is now a healthy 9-month-year-old dog German Shepherd.

“He is now 9 months old and 50 pounds, with the softest and fluffiest coat ever and absolutely no health issues.”

Well done, Caro. We're all very proud of you!


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A post shared by Caro (@caro_the_shepherd) on

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