black puppy with cerebellar hypoplasia

Puppy with special needs begins whining when he realises where he's going (video)

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Some animals are born a little unluckier than most, but with a little helping hand, they can still live their best lives!

A few weeks ago, a litter of stray puppies came to ‘Stray Rescue St Louis’ in need of some TLC.

Indeed, all three suffer from a neurological condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition in which the cerebellum is smaller than usual or not completely developed. This condition is present at birth and causes problems with coordination and control over movement. 

At a disadvantage

Though the puppies struggle to walk normally, they’re not in pain or discomfort. Sadly, when people see animals with disabilities, they prefer to steer clear. After all, it is more work than a completely healthy pet!

Due to this, staff at Stray Rescue St Louis worried about their newest residents. Would they ever find anyone to love them?

So they brought the puppies to a ‘puppy derby’ - a sort of event where adoptable puppies hang out in a closed space and potential adopters can come to meet them. And there, something magical happened.

Love at first sight

A man fell head over heels in love with Bevo, one of the disabled pups. As Bevo walked around clumsily, the man followed him on all fours, petting him along the way. The man in question had always owned special needs dogs, so the fact that Bevo was a little different didn’t scare him at all. 

Since then, Bevo has moved to Atlanta to be with his forever family - and he’s living his best life! Rumour has it that he was so excited to reunite with his adopter that he started crying with joy...Proof that any dog can be happy, as long as they are given a chance!

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