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There's a cat hidden in this garden, how quickly can you find it?

By Ashley Murphy Content Writer

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A Twitter post is testing cat lovers' eyesight by challenging them to spot a feline lurking in the picture. Can you find the kitty?

The post appeared on the 'There is No Cat in This Image' X page. Hint: there is a cat in the image. In fact, there's a cat in every image posted on the page.

Where's that cat?

There is No Cat in This Image has over 700k followers. They share pictures of their cats playing hide and seek, then challenge other followers to find them. This is what social media content should be about!

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Librarian and cat-mum Laura Woods posted the latest picture of her back garden under her X handle, WoodsieGirl. While it certainly looks like no cat is in the image, we promise you that Laura's black cat, Samson, is hiding somewhere.

Can you spot him?

Congratulations if you did. But don't beat yourself up if you didn't. This game of 'Where's Samson?' isn't easy. Cats are expert hiders! 

23-year-old cat lover Tom, who uses the Twitter handle GrandTomcat, was the first person to post a picture of Samson's hiding place.

gatto nero sull erba

Cats are expert hiders! ©Thereisnocat_ - Twitter 

See? Samson was crouched down in the long grass, just like one of his big cat ancestors!

Other cat hunters had a few fails. One user posted what he thought was Samson hiding behind a tree. But, as Laura pointed out, it was actually an old milk crate. Another person confused an upside-down bucket with the top of Samson's head.

Why do cats hide?

Cats love a good game of hide and seek. It taps into their instinct as hunters and predators. How often has your furry friend leapt out from behind the sofa to launch a surprise attack? The little rascal.

Some cats use hiding spaces to feel safe and secure, especially in a new environment. But prolonged periods of isolation and hiding can be a sign of anxiety. They can also interfere with eating, drinking, and toilet habits. Speak to a vet for more advice.

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