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Dog slept on the cold concrete every night, but now she's finally feeling love

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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This little dog's life completely transformed once she was rescued from the cold hard streets of Romania.

Zuzi the homeless dog used to live in a parking lot in Romania. 

A hard life

She would drink from puddles, sleep on the cold cement, and fight hard to survive the cold winds outdoors. The only food she would eat were scraps from passers-by, but there were also always a few people who would push her away.

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Zuzi had been traumatised in the past when dogcatchers chased her and attempted to capture her with their catch-poles in a very brutal manner. This explained why Zuzi was scared of everyone, even seasoned animal rescuers. Whenever they got near her, she would start barking and even try to bite them. But with the assistance of a veterinarian, and the use of a tranquilizer, they were finally able to approach and catch Zuzi. Rescuers quickly saw that she was covered in fleas and wounds, which could’ve been caused by scratching or bites from other dogs. 

A new start

The rescue team quickly got Zuzi some medical assistance and took very good care of her. Zuzi even finally got to sleep in an actual bed - there was no need for her to be worried about sleeping on cold cement anymore. She soon learned to believe in humans again, and is doing very well indeed. 

Her heartbreaking story made its way throughout the world, and a family in Canada offered to adopt her. They got in touch with the rescuers and took the steps needed, and are now Zuzi’s new furever family! Zuzi moved 5000 miles to her furever home, and is now experiencing the pawfect life she truly deserves!

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