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Frenchie puppy challenges Rottweiler who has most unexpected reaction

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A Rottweiler and French Bulldog puppy have proved that anybody can be your best friend. And these unusual BFFs are hilarious when they get together. 

Dozer the Rottweiler thought that his puppy days were behind him. The big dog wasn't as active as he used to be and was starting to appreciate a more chill approach to life.

Daisy was never going to give up

So when his dog mum brought Daisy the tiny Frenchie home, Dozer's first reaction was something like, "Who is this little squirt? Why is she making so much noise? And why is she always up in my face?"

But Dozer had a plan to deal with the new arrival. As long as he stayed out of her way, Daisy would surely stop hassling him. 

However, Daisy had other ideas. She wouldn't stop bugging Dozer until he started playing with her. Her tactics included yapping at Dozer during naptime, jumping on his head, and nipping at his tail. 

Eventually, Dozer broke. What other choice did he have?

Dozer started letting Daisy chase him, and he started chasing her back. And Dozer soon realised that this 'play' thing was actually a lot of fun.

Now, every day is a play day for this little and large odd couple. Popular games include chase, tug-of-war, and wrestling.

They also love a game of hide and seek. Although it's more like hide and pounce with Daisy. She likes to find a secret spot and then leap out at Dozer when he runs past. Her favourite place to launch an 'attack' is from under Mum's bed,

"Dozer loves to play with Daisy," said the pair's dog mum. "She brought out the puppy inside of him. And he's always super gentle with her when he needs to be."

Double trouble!

Dozer's parents were worried that he wouldn't be able to keep up with Daisy's demanding play schedule. So they adopted a second Frenchie puppy called Mocha.

The idea was for Daisy to have a buddy with the same energy levels. It would also give Dozer some 'time off.' 

But it hasn't quite worked out that way.

Instead, it's double trouble now for Dozer. The poor guy has two little 'terrors' to deal with 24/7. Talk about having your paws full!

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