Man makes bizarre discovery while walking through national park

Dog hiding in grass dog-wow

A biologist working in a German National Park stumbled upon a dog that had been missing from its home for over a week!

By Ashley Murphy

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In January this year, biologist Rainer Schulz was on his daily rounds at the St. Peter Ording National Park near Sankt Peter-Ording, a popular German seaside resort. Schulz is part of an ongoing project to protect the park's native seabirds.

He often sees birds and other animals stalking through the bushes and trees. But on this particular day, Schulz glimpsed a large black creature that didn't belong anywhere near a national park.

What's that hiding in the bushes?

The experienced animal spotter froze, panicked that any sudden movements might attract the attention of this mystery beast. Schulz held his breath, hoping to remain unnoticed.

And then the 'beast' revealed itself, and Schulz's fear turned to relief. There was nothing to be scared about. It was a large and friendly-looking black dog. And it needed Schulz's help.


Hund Moritz nach acht Tagen allein im Nationalpark vor St. Peter-Böhl.

Posted by Schutzstation Wattenmeer on Wednesday, January 12, 2022

"The dog was cold and scared," said Schulz. "He looked well-fed and healthy, so I knew it wasn't a stray. I had to get him back to where he belonged."

The biologist became the dog catcher, using a piece of rope to leash the dog. He then drove to a local police station, where officers began searching for the canine's owners.

A phone call to the local vet office revealed that this dog was called Moritz. The vet knew Moritz and his family, who'd been looking for their furriest member for over a week.

Morizt goes home

Moritz ran away from home after getting spooked by all the loud fireworks on New Year's Eve. And Moritz clearly didn't stop running until he reached the peace and quiet of the national park.


Mit der Zeit wurde er etwas mutiger.

Posted by Schutzstation Wattenmeer on Wednesday, January 12, 2022

The 15-year-old crossbreed was in pretty good shape, considering he'd spent seven days and nights all alone. Still, it must have been a scary experience for poor Moritz. 

Moritz is back where he belongs now, enjoying regular meals, lots of cuddles, and a soft bed to sleep in every night. It's the life every dog dreams of and deserves.

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