Vet scans microchip of stray cat, calls owner and is horrified by what he hears

Stray Maine Coon in street cat-angry © Andriy Blokhin - Shutterstock

When a vet discovers a stray cat missing for two years has a microchip, he's delighted to be able to contact its owner. But is soon horrified at what they say.

By Zoë Monk

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It's sadly not unusual for a vet to be asked to examine a stray cat, but it's always a relief when they discover the animal has a microchip and can be reunited with its owner. But not in this case.

Homeless Maine Coon

The Maine Coon had been spotted hanging around the area for a while before rescue volunteers were able to capture him. After months of living on the street, the poor cat was in bad shape and needed vet attention. 

The feline was taken to a vet who, as routine, scanned the cat to see if it had a microchip. The vet was pleased to discover that the cat did have a chip and had been missing for around two years.

The vet's next step is to call the cat's owners and tell them they have found their missing pet. Usually, this is a heartwarming experience with the owner both relieved and delighted to hear that their pet is safe and they can be reunited. Unfortunately, that's not what happened in this case.

Shocking reaction

The vet called the owner, whose number is linked with the microchip. But rather than sound happy at the news their cat's been found, the owner wasn't at all bothered. Rather than ask how the cat was, she simply said it had been a long time since the cat went missing and she'd moved on. She has a new cat and doesn't want two. She then told the shocked vet that she had no intention of claiming the cat and he could do with it whatever he wanted.

The vet was so shocked by the reaction of the owner that he shared the story on social media.

We hope the Maine Coon finds a new, loving home that appreciates him.

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