Dog stays by friend’s side for 6 hours until someone stops to help

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When a rescuer in Texas saw a little dog lying on the side of the road, she knew she had to stop and see what she could do to help.

By Justine Seraphin

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A couple of months ago, a dog rescuer got a call about a little dog lying on the side of the road. The dog didn’t seem to be injured, but according to reports, he hadn’t moved from his spot for 6 whole hours! 

The most loyal friend

So when the rescuer arrived on the scene, she got out of her car and decided to take a closer look. That’s when she realised why the little dog had been lying on the road for so long.

Behind him was another dog, and this one had clearly been hit by a car. His friend had been waiting by his side so he wouldn’t be alone. And thanks to his loyalty, the pair were finally noticed.

A new chance at life

The injured pooch, later named Matthew, was taken to the ER immediately, where he underwent surgery to fix his broken bones. He and his little friend Corey were reunited after the surgery, both relieved that they were finally safe.


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Posted by Crown & Paw on Thursday, May 26, 2022

Today, the two dogs are living their best lives in separate foster homes - this makes Matthew’s recovery easier. Hopefully, they will both be ready for their forever homes soon!

Corey is such a hero! He singlehandedly saved his friend’s life! Well done, buddy!

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