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People in awe of bereaved dog's loyalty during funeral

black labrador lying down by owner's casket dog-sad © 船橋素幸 - Facebook

A dog’s love is unconditional. And even if life somehow tears them apart from their owners, they will continue to love them forever more.

By Justine Seraphin

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When Lessie’s owner passed away, she was very confused. Where had her best friend gone?

Dog attends beloved owner’s funeral

Thankfully, Lessie was in attendance at the funeral ceremony – her late owner’s family decided she deserved to have a proper goodbye. But they never expected her to do what she did.

When her owner’s casket was being placed inside the hearse to be transported to the cemetery, Lessie jumped into the vehicle and lied down by the casket, snuggling up close.

She refused to move, and stayed as close to it as possible until it was lowered into the ground. It was clear Lessie wanted to stay with her owner until the very end, loyal to him in death as she had been in life.

A good support system

Lessie’s great show of love moved everyone at the funeral. Of course, she will be well taken care of by her owner’s family, who love her as much as her owner did. And hopefully, having been able to say goodbye will help her move on. 

Good luck, Lessie!

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