Faithful dog stays by owner’s side after he dies

Central Asian Shepherd dog stays by owners side after he dies dog-sad © Tierschutz Kelkheim - Facebook

Paul, the gentle giant from Hessen, Germany, always stayed by his master’s side, even after his death.

By Justine Seraphin

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This 80 lb giant is just as big in size as he is in heart. Indeed, Paul was found by his master’s side a whole week after he had died. Lethargic and depressed, Paul’s food was left untouched. 

Though loyalty is a known characteristic of man’s best friend, choosing to remain by a human’s side rather than eat is quite special. Most dogs would have, especially due to hunger, gone straight towards and food source. But Paul didn’t. He stayed right by his beloved owner’s side.

In search of a new home

Thankfully, Paul was found and taken to a shelter where he has been fed and cared for ever since. Paul is a 7-year-old male of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog breed. He is therefore not only big, but also needs lots of room to roam. Ideally, he would like to find a home where he can be put to work herding or guarding. He will need an outdoorsy, experienced owner – definitely no first-timers! 

And in need of love

Besides his rugged exterior, what Paul needs most of all is love, as described by shelter staff:
“He seeks absolute contact with us humans. He is very loving. He sometimes sits on my lap, like a little lap dog. He pushes his head into us to ask for scratches and pets. He grunts like a bear. He’s very nice with people”. 

Here’s hoping lovely loyal Paul will find a forever home soon! 

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