It looks like a dog, a cat and a rabbit: if you zoom in, you'll see the true beauty of the pictures

Dog, cat and rabbit silhouette dog-cat-happy © Concepcion Cruz - Facebook

This visual game is going viral on Facebook because a lot of people see a dog, a cat and rabbit at first but very few people have recognised the truth hidden in the image.

By Emilie Heyl

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A visual challenge is once again conquering social media. While browsing Facebook we have found a disturbing image, shared dozens of times, due to its intricacies.

The photograph with a black background shows the silhouette of several animals, a dog, a cat and a rabbit, with the aim of asking people to guess which living being can be seen in it. Unfortunately, there is no animal in the picture. 

Zoom in!

To find out what's behind the photo, people have to zoom in to - according to the creator of the visual challenge - appreciate the beauty of the ''people'' as you get closer to them.

What do you see? As its creator quotes, the charm of the snapshot lies within. Enlarging the image you can see:

  1. In the silhouette of the dog: a happy couple contemplating their baby.
  2. In the cat silhouette: a couple looking into each other's eyes. 
  3. In the silhouette of the rabbit: a couple smiling while looking at each other.

Did you notice the couples at first glance or did you have to zoom in for a closer look?

Whatever the case, this game is a good way of making it clear on the one hand that appearances can be deceiving, and on the other hand, that the beauty of people can only be appreciated by getting close to them and investing time in getting to know them.

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