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Dog dropped off groomer’s: Owner bursts into laughter when he discovers his new haircut

Black dog with curly hair on ears dog-happy © Twisted_NaeNae - Reddit

Have you ever experienced coming out of the hairdresser's and totally hating your new hairstyle…To say the least, the dog named Henry has an unforgettable haircut.

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the

Going to the hairdresser's is often an adventure in itself, but the same is true for dogs when going to the groomer. 

On Reddit, a user nicknamed "Twisted_NaeNae" shared his recent experience at the groomer’s with his dog named Henry.

A dog with a very… VERY interesting new hairstyle

When "Twisted_NaeNae" dropped his dog off at the groomer's, he obviously didn't expect such a result. The professional decided to give Henry's haircut a little eccentricity, as he was an older dog who was a little too well-behaved for his taste.

When Henry’s owner returned to pick up his dog, he couldn't help but burst out laughing at his dog’s new haircut. He then decided to share it on social media to give a good dose of laughter to all the people who would come across the photo!

A real success if we are to believe the comments, which were all very kind and funny. We still think Henry is handsome, but… he’ll have to be patient and let his hair grow.

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