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A volunteer takes a picture of a German Shepherd: suddenly her heart breaks

German Shepherd sleeping on the bed. dog-sad

A peaceful moment: Perle is completely relaxed.

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Since that shocking encounter, the volunteer has moved heaven and earth to help this poor dog.

By Emilie Heyl

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When taking care of animals, there are always moments which are simply unbelievably precious. This is exactly what happened to a volunteer from the Andernach shelter when she wanted to take new pictures of the German shepherd dog called Perle.

Perle is a beautiful 8 year old dog who wants to meet a loving person and live in a quiet home, as she emphatically shown to the volunteer. Sadly, no one has shown any interest in her yet because of her age.

A photoshoot that changed everything

During a photo shoot at the shelter to showcase the animals in need of a home, one volunteer was heartbroken. For the photo shoot, Pearl was taken to the shelter's new building. A brighter and more comfortable building.

Once the photos were taken, the volunteer checked that the quality was good, as the purpose of the photos was to help with the dog's adoption. As she turned around, the volunteer realised that Perle had fallen asleep, obviously soothed by the calmer atmosphere of the new building.

It was a heartbreaking reaction as she realised how relaxed and happy Perle could be if she was adopted.

In the meantime, Perle has unfortunately had to return to the old building as there are no rooms available in the new one, but this will hopefully change soon.


Heute hatten ich ein ziemlich berührendes und zugleich trauriges Erlebnis mit Perle 😔 Ich weiß gar nicht so genau wie...

Posted by Tierheim Andernach on Wednesday, April 20, 2022

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