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When owner sees what his dog found on the beach, he calls emergency services

springer spaniel laying down on beach dog-wow © Alla Vanahs - Shutterstock

You can find many things on the beach, but what Luna found was really out of the ordinary. And thank goodness she did!

By Justine Seraphin

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A few weeks ago, Luna the Springer Spaniel was taking a stroll on the beach with her dad when she found something very interesting. So interesting in fact, that she started playing around with it as if it was a tennis ball.

A historical find

Curious as to what the strange object was, Luna’s owner, Steve Rose, got closer to inspect it. And when he understood what it was, he immediately called the emergency services.

Indeed, Luna had been playing with a WW2 explosive! At the request of Norfolk Police, a specialised army team came to retrieve the device, and then destroyed it via a controlled explosion.

Special training

Since then, Luna has been highly praised on social media for finding the potentially dangerous bomb. Thanks to her, beach-goers don’t have to worry about their safety! 

To be fair though, Luna was only doing her "job". You see, Luna was actually trained as a sniffer dog, but failed her final tests and was therefore adopted out to Steve Rose. But this story makes us believe she didn’t forget everything from her training days!

Well done Luna!

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