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A photo of a dog's head lying on the sidewalk caused an uproar online

dog's head on the pavement dog-serious © nathanddfd - Reddit

This photo has caused controversy on the Internet, and understandably so. But your eyes are deceiving you!

By Emilie Heyl

Published on the , Updated on the

This photo has gone viral for various reasons: some are funny, some are touching and some are shocking. This image clearly falls into the latter category.

The photo will shock many Internet users

When Internet user nathanddfd posted a photo of his dog's head on Reddit, many people were shocked. How can you put such a terrible picture on the Internet? It seems that the dog's head has been separated from its body and is now lying on the pavement.

The Reddit user was quickly insulted and the photo was blocked. Fortunately, he intervened immediately and explained that it was just an optical illusion. His dog is fine, the photo was taken from a special angle so that the body could not be seen.

Nathan then shows his dog in the photo to the great relief of Internet users.

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