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Covered in scabs, the incredible metamorphosis of this dog in just a few days (Video)

dog with scabies dog-angry

Cherry's transformation was amazing!

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 This dog’s skin was completely covered in scabs and flies were flying around him. With the right help he turned into a beautiful pup.

By Emilie Heyl

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In May 2017, the rescue team of an India-based charity called Animal Aid Unlimited received a call for a dog in a poor state. The charity is responsible for rescuing animals from the streets and providing medical care and shelter. Here is the story of one of them.

A severe case of scabies

This stray dog was in a pitiful state. He suffered from scabies, for which his body was covered with thick scabs. Flies were flying around him as well. Poor pup, he was really not in a good state and needed taking care of immediately.

The stray dog’s rescue

Volunteers from Animal Aid Unlimited had to capture the dog and transfer it to their rescue centre. On site, the animal was thoroughly washed and received the necessary medical care to treat mange.

His healing process was amazing and his transformation is an example of hope. He was named Cherry. At the end of this video you can see a before and after result thanks to all the effort people put into saving the dog.

His case was published on the recovery centre's official YouTube channel, where it has accumulated almost 9 million views to date.

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