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Cat interrupts Sky News reporter: His reaction has viewers stunned

sky news reporter Sam Coates holding fluffy cat at bay cat-happy © scottygb - Twitter

Working from home has a lot of benefits, but being interrupted by family members during important calls is not one of them.

By Justine Seraphin

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A few days ago, political editor Sam Coates was trying to talk about Partygate on Sky News when he was suddenly interrupted by his cat.

Cat tries to get his 15 minutes of fame

When Coates appeared on camera, he quickly realised his cat was in the frame, and proceeded to gently push him away with his hand. During the entire segment, Coates kept his cat at bay by petting him outside of the frame - though the fluffy tail was always in view. 

But right at the end, when it seemed like the cat was finally gone, he reappeared again, and affectionately pressed his head against his owner. Oh well, sometimes you just can’t keep love separate from work.

Bob has new fans

The segment had viewers in stitches, and many of them admired the way Coates powered through despite this very obvious distraction. 

Coates later gave fans what they wanted by posting a video of his beautiful cat, Bob, with the caption: "Bob seems very pleased with himself." And he can be. He was the star of the show!

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