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Owner starts hanging dog's fur on balcony after finding great way to reuse it

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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With the state our planet is in, it’s important to reuse and recycle everything we can - and that includes pet hair!

It’s that time of the year again. Tufts of fur fly off your pet every time you pet them, slowly turning your home into a snow globe.

Providing warmth for local wildlife

But did you know, instead of throwing that fur in the bin, there’s a great of ‘re-using’ it? Indeed, spring isn’t just shedding season, it’s also the reproductive season for many species of birds.

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Right now, the birds all around your home are busy gathering twigs and feathers to build a sturdy nest for their babies. But they also need to find warm and comfortable fillers to keep their eggs warm as they incubate. And what better for that than your pet’s fur?

Connecting with nature

After giving your pet a good brush, place the clumps of fur outside. You can even use clothes pegs to make sure they don’t fly away and are easy for the birds to access. Do be careful if you've used topical treatments for fleas or ticks on your pet though - this could be toxic to the birds. In this case, wait at least a week before you place your pet's fur outside for them.

Not only will you be helping the birds in your area, but you’ll also be attracting them closer to your home - which will make for awesome bird viewing! What a fantastic idea! Will you be trying it?

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