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Bulldog has 7 adorable puppies, but one leaves everyone stunned

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Big surprise for the owners of a Bulldog dog who gave birth to a very special puppy!

Audra Rhys and Trevor Mosher were delighted to meet the puppies that Freya, their dog, had given birth to. But on closer inspection, among the seven puppies that came into the world was a very unusual one!

A different puppy

While the owners were cleaning the puppies, they noticed that the coat of the last puppy had an unusual colour. In fact, the puppy's coat was green!

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So the two owners were very worried and rushed on the internet to do some research and discovered that although the phenomenon is very rare, it has occurred in various parts of the world.

Extremely rare condition

But how can this colouring be explained? Light-coloured dogs are born green on rare occasions. According to professionals, puppies can come into contact with biliverdin, a green pigment in the bile.

The pigment dyes the fur in the womb and the colour fades after the puppy is born. Today, the little dog named "Fiona, like the princess from Shrek" is doing well, and her hair is gradually losing its green colour.

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