Watch: Owner stunned when her cat lets out the longest meow she’s ever heard

ginger cat running forwards on wooden floor cat-wow © beautynthebean - Instagram

Does your pet still surprise you every day? This cat owner is certainly never bored when her talkative ginger cat, Beanie, is around…and you'll soon see why!

By Justine Seraphin

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Beanie the cat has a very special talent. He can meow. But not just like any other cat, of course.

Cat with the loudest meow ever

Beanie can meow like there is no tomorrow. In fact, Beanie’s Instagram page is purely dedicated to him greeting his owner every day with loudest, most powerful meows you ever did hear. And yet, he still manages to surprise his owner every once in a while with a new, never-before-heard meow.

Just a few days ago, for example, Beanie’s owner posted a video of him meowing with the caption: "i need an oxygen tank just watching that…"

An impressive feat

Indeed, the impressive video shows Beanie greeting his mum, then proceeding to let out what can only be described as the LONGEST meow we have ever heard - a total of 7 seconds to be exact. Don't believe us? Have a listen:

It’s hard to keep a straight face while listening to Beanie talk. He’s certainly got a lot to say! 

Is your kitty a talker too?

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