Deceased fisherman's dog still waits for him on the beach and gets excited every time a boat comes near

Dog by the seaside dog-sad © O19792 - Twitter

This little dog does not stray far from the area where his human, a fisherman who sadly passed away some time ago, used to work. The dog does not lose hope that he will return.

By Emilie Heyl

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This weekend a tweet went viral on social media where a woman shared a touching story.

When she went to visit Punta Negra Beach in Peru, the woman, who identifies herself as @jolsmr on Twitter, came across a little dog. The animal turned out to be friendly and accompanied her on her walk along the beach.

This dog is extremely loyal

Inquiring about its history with the locals, she learned that the little animal had been living there for some time. It had been the dog of a fisherman who, unfortunately, died some time ago.

Since then, the little dog has been going to the seaside every day and looks at it with nostalgia. According to what the woman was told, every time a boat approaches, the dog gets excited.

Some Twitter users who have also visited the area reported having also encountered the dog. It seems that his story is well known to the locals.

The dog is also fed and cared for by the people who live nearby.

The loyalty of doggies will never cease to amaze us!

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