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Watch: Golden Retriever gets angry when he sees his granny being teased

golden retriever with a grandma dog-happy © @iRazasDePerros - Twitter

This cute dog will defend his human grandmother at all costs. This video will make you die of laughter and tenderness.

By Emilie Heyl

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If you have a dog at home, you probably know that they are the most loyal creatures in the whole universe and would do anything to defend their family. Well, this Golden Retriever just reminded us of this and it's all the more touching to see it because it's about a grandma and a rather bad prank.

Wondering what prank this family did to their grandma, and how did the dog react? Read on.

In a video that went viral on social media we can see a granny sitting in front of a boy with her golden retriever next to her.

A very protective Golden Retriever

The man sitting in front of his grandmother brings a plate of fruit and prepares to feed the grandmother with a fork.

As the man brings the food to his grandma, she opens her mouth to eat the  piece of fruit, but the man makes a joke and does not give her the food.

Seeing this, the dog gets angry and hits the man with its paws while the Grandma laughs next to him.

The video was posted on Twitter and already has more than 8 million views and of course has touched a lot of people.

"I love it. More polite dog than a human. How much we have to learn from them", someone commented on Twitter.

There is no doubt that when it comes to loyalty, dogs will always be there for us.

Watch the video of what happened below:

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