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Rescuer sees how stray kitten drinks water and knows he urgently has to see a vet

ginger kitten putting paw in water bowl cat-happy © mr.gardeners - TikTok

Many are those who simply ignore animals in need. But this Floridian couple could not leave this poor, helpless ginger kitten to fend for himself.

By Justine Seraphin

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A few months ago, Joshua Hiebert noticed a tiny ginger kitten huddled up alone in front of his garage.

Couple help lonely kitten

The kitten looked frail and sick, so Joshua took him inside and gave him something to eat and drink. But he noticed there was something off about the kitten’s behaviour.

Before drinking, the kitten had put his paw inside the water bowl, as if to find out what it was. That’s when Joshua understood the kitten was blind.

He quickly drove the kitten to the vet clinic, where he was prescribed eye drops and antibiotics. 

Blind kitten on the road to recovery

Joshua and his husband, Jose, dedicated themselves to giving “Whiskers” his treatment every two hours. And of course, they fell in love with the little guy and decided to keep him.


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Now, Whiskers is almost a year old. He hasn’t fully regained his sight, but his eyes are certainly much healthier than they were when he was first found. And hopefully, as the treatment continues, his eyesight will improve.

But despite not being able to see, Whiskers knows he has the best dads in the world. Happy trails, Whiskers!

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