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World famous star jumps into frozen lake to rescues huskies after they fall in

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As loving and caring dog owners, we’d do anything to help our dogs in their moment of need. And Leonardo DiCaprio is no exception to that rule!

An Entertainment Weekly interview of the ‘Don’t Look Up’ cast has revealed that Leonardo DiCaprio is a true hero and the best dog daddy.

Close call on the set of ‘Don’t Look Up’

As cast members shared fun anecdotes from filming, a story about Leo’s two ‘psychotic’ Huskies (according to Jennifer Lawrence) came up.

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The actor explained that, being from California, the pups had never been confronted with the potential dangers of walking on ice. So, unfortunately, during filming, one of his unsuspecting Huskies fell through the ice into a frozen lake!

Thankfully, Leo didn’t hesitate a single second to rescue his beloved pup. He ran over to where the dog had fallen and jumped into the frozen lake after him.

Unfortunately, right after Leo pushed one of his dogs out of the water, the second dog decided to jump in, too! We guess this is what director Adam McKay meant when he described Leo’s dogs as ‘absolute tornadoes’.

Leonardo DiCaprio saves two Huskies

Thankfully, the two pups and their dog daddy made it out of the ordeal safe and sound. And yes, Leo did run to his car and strip immediately to warm himself up. A very important detail that Jennifer Lawrence wanted to make sure all his fans knew about.

Jack and Jill, the two sibling Huskies rescued by Leo and his girlfriend in 2020, are very lucky dogs. They have the best, most devoted dad! But for Leo’s sake, we hope they won’t take advantage of that too much!

Article was originally published on 20 December 2021.

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