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Elderly dog has touching reaction to his military mum's return home (video)

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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Dogs are always here for us, and always make us feel like we’re the most important people in the world. No matter how old they are, as this senior pup showed.

When Hannah Foraker went for a three-month basic training in the army, she had to leave behind her 13-year-old Golden Retriever, Buddy.

Best friends forever

Hannah and Buddy didn’t like being apart. After all, Hannah had known Buddy his whole life, and for most of hers too.

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So when she returned from training for Christmas, she couldn’t wait to see her best friend again.

And when Buddy first laid eyes on Hannah, there was not a dry eye around.

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Excited to see his owner again

He rushed up to his beloved young owner as fast as his old and wobbly legs would allow him. His tail wagged and wagged as he gave Hannah his paw and started to whine. 

For a moment, it seemed as though Buddy became a young dog again. He was just so excited to see his favourite human. And the feeling was obviously mutual.

We bet you can’t get through this video without crying!

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