Dog meets owner’s new foster kittens: His reaction has people stunned

dog holding ginger kitten in mouth dog-cat-happy © raylan_the_dog - Instagram

There’s a common stereotype about cats and dogs. A lot of people think that they’re natural enemies. But the truth is, in some cases, they can be the best of friends!

By Justine Seraphin

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Raylan the mixed breed dog lives in Canada with his mum. Together, they have a favourite pastime: Fostering kittens.

Indeed, Raylan is a very curious and active dog, so he needs lots of mental stimulation. And as his mum realised a few years ago, foster kittens just seem to hit the spot perfectly.

Mutt loves to foster kittens

Though Raylan loves all his kittens, there are a couple of recent fosters that he bonded with particularly strongly. The kittens were brother and sister and named Ron and Hermione.

Though they had each other, they also missed their mum a lot. Thankfully, Raylan knew what he had to do. He watched over the kittens constantly. When they needed warmth, he would cuddle up close to them. When they needed a bath, he would give them a good licking. But the most impressive thing Raylan did was with Ron.

Kitten loves getting carried by dog

Ron would often sit in front of Raylan and meow constantly until Raylan would pick him up. And Raylan, like the good dog mum he is, would be more than happy to oblige. This is quite a typical behaviour for feline mums, so it must’ve reminded Ron of his own mum. He loved getting carried around and asked for it every day!

Since then, Ron and Hermione have been happily adopted together. Raylan does miss them a little, but he’s also happy to have some quiet time to himself. What a cutie!

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