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Watch: Dobermann becomes a mum, but her three babies aren't dogs

pregnant Dobermann dog dog-cat-wow © Akkalak Aiempradit - Shutterstock

A miracle has taken place in Tamil Nadu, South Indian state. Here is the story of a Dobermann and her very special babies...

By Emilie Heyl

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In Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India, a more than surprising event took place recently. Two events took place actually!

Farmer Subramani has two sweet animals keeping him company on his farm: a Dobermann and a cat. And one day, surprise, both animals got pregnant at the same time. Subramani was overjoyed for the future offspring.

But sadly, something bad happened...

Two harsh blows of fate

Unfortunately, the future cat mother died giving birth to her kittens and the Dobermann sadly had a miscarriage. Two tragic events that happened at the same time and that upset the dog very much.

When the Dobermann saw the orphaned kittens, she made a surprising decision. She watched over the kittens as if they were her own.

Since then, the kittens have been in the dog's care. She warms them up, takes care of them, eats with them and teaches them how to become big and strong cats, almost like a Dobermann!

The caring mother does not allow others, be it human or animal, to approach her babies. Having lost her children once, this is more than understandable.

Unusual family wins everyone's heart

With so much sweetness Subramani can't help but record a video of this unusual family and Internet users are thrilled. Just like us!

In this case, animals are once again setting a good example and showing that love transcends all borders and differences!

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