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Dog and owner stuck outside as huge creature blocks access to their house

houses in the snow dog-wow © kydesantis72 - Unsplash

Do you know how your dog would react if they came face to face with a wild animal? This dog and his owner came across a very large one and had the perfect reaction.

By Justine Seraphin

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A few weeks ago in Alaska, James Clark and his dog Starbuck were supposed to go visit their friend Ted.

Dog growls at huge creature in garden

But when they stopped the car in front of Ted’s house, they stayed frozen in their seats.

For there, feeding in Ted’s front yard, stood a HUGE animal. In fact, the animal was so big that Starbuck couldn’t help but let a few low growls out. After all, something this big was surely a danger to his owner, right?

Moose moves along

Well, Starbuck isn’t wrong. The animal in question was a moose! Moose are immense animals that can reach 8 feet in height. While they’re generally peaceful when not threatened, they can become aggressive under certain circumstances – and when you’re dealing with an animal of that size, it’s just best to stay away.

So Ted and Starbuck waited patiently for the animal to move along before they headed to Ted’s house. What an incredible encounter!

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