Watch: Dogs’ incredible reaction after their owner collapses in a field

woman laying down on grass with three border collies and herd of cows dog-happy © sashapoldmaa - TikTok

Have you ever wondered what your pets would do if you suddenly collapsed? Well, this owner recently found out when she ‘collapsed’ in a field.

By Justine Seraphin

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Sasha Poldmaa is a dog mum to three Border Collies. 

Not only are her dogs her best friends, they’re also invaluable work colleagues. Indeed, Sasha works with cattle. It’s hard, but her dogs always make the job easier.


Woman plays dead in front of cows

Recently, Sasha shared a video of her in a field of cattle. She was curious to see what the animals would do if she suddenly collapsed. So, she played dead.

When she hit the ground, the herd of cows stepped back in unison. Then, they started getting curious. They slowly approached Sasha, but were stopped dead in their tracks by her loyal Collies.

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Border Collies protect collapsed owner

The dogs weren’t about to let their owner get trampled! They stepped in front of her, barking and lunging at the cows to encourage them to step away.

Though it was all pretend, it’s pretty impressive to see that these dogs’ natural instinct was to protect their mum, whatever the cost. Good dogs!

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