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Waste collector spots something unusual in truck and suddenly becomes a hero

garbage truck and waste collector dog-angry © degetzica - Shutterstock

While rehoming an animal for various reasons is understandable, it’s never alright to cruelly dump them and let them fend for themselves, like this poor dog was.

By Justine Seraphin

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Back in July 2021, a waste collector in Granger spotted something unusual as he was unloading his truck. 

Curious, he stopped what he was doing and took a closer look.

Dog found in garbage truck

What he found shocked him to his very core. 

There, in the middle of the pile of garbage, was a little white dog. The waste collector had no idea how the little dog got there, but it was likely he had been thrown into a dumpster, then transferred into the truck without being noticed. He then survived the long journey AND the unloading process. He was lucky to still be alive.

Lucky dog on the road to recovery

The waste collector immediately contacted an animal rescue who was able to take the dog in and provide him with the care he needed. While the dog was in good health, he remained in custody and could not be adopted until the animal cruelty case was closed.

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We hope the little dog got the happy ending he deserved in the end!

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