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Everyone is astonished by the striking difference between kittens and their mum

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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While we think every breed of cat and dog is beautiful, we do agree that some look very strange! And these kittens are definitely out of the ordinary when it comes to their looks…

Gina and Gepetto are Selkirk Rex cats who live with their mum in Italy. A few months ago, the couple had a beautiful litter of four kittens.

Kittens go viral for their curly coat

With the arrival of their adorable babies, their Instagram account suddenly went viral, gaining 130K followers in just a few weeks. Indeed, the kittens surprised everybody with their unique looks. 

Selkirk Rex coats

Their fur was so curly that they looked more like tiny sheep or lambs than anything else! Yet, the curly coat is perfectly natural for the Selkirk Rex, much like it is for the Devon Rex and the Cornish Rex

In fact, the curly coat occurred as a result of a natural mutation. The first curly-coated kitten was born from a shelter cat in the late 1800’s, and was the foundation for the Selkirk Rex breed.

The Selkirk Rex was first bred in the USA, and it remains rare in Europe.

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