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Woman sees what's on the sofa dumped by the road and breaks down in tears

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Sharon Norton is called to help a dog who is in an armchair left on the street. When she discovers the truth, the woman can’t hold back her tears.

This event occurred in American Lincoln County, Mississippi and saw Sharon Norton, Brookhaven's Animal Control Officer, called to rescue a dog.

As soon as she arrived and without hesitating for a moment, the woman parked on the side of the road and got out of her car to analyse the situation. As soon as she saw the condition the dog was in, she burst into tears.

A cruel abandonment

The animal, in fact, in addition to being very thin and weak, was also visibly used to being around humans, as he seemed enthusiastic to see someone finally take an interest in him. The little one immediately gets up, drawing Sharon's attention, but without getting out of the chair he was in, the only true friend he had left.

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At first glance, the animal must have been abandoned along with other rubbish, including a television and that famous armchair, about a week before he was found. Because the dog’s owner’s smells were still on the pillows, the little dog had remained there. He didn’t even get up to drink or eat as he waited in the hope that one of his family members would come to pick him up.

Finally safe and sound

Sharon, knowing very well that no one would come back, decided to feed him first, then take him with her. She had some kibbles in her car, so the dog ate and then got carried away without any problem. The woman then had him vaccinated and took him to the rescue centre so that he could be fully taken care of and then put up for adoption. Unfortunately, the pup’s previous family has not been found.

We just hope this dog’s life is better now.

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