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Dog spotted trapped inside 60°C car, reaction of owner leaves everyone stunned

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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It was one of the hottest days of the year in Germany – not a good day to leave a dog alone in a car. But that’s exactly what one unaware dog owner did.

When a concerned citizen spotted a dog stuck in a hot car, they immediately contacted the police. The car had been parked there for at least an hour.

Emergency break-in

The police came on-site and immediately realised that time was of the essence. The poor dog was panting and completely lethargic. 

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With the weather outside soaring above 30°C, the temperature inside the car was likely above 60°C. The police had no time to waste, so they broke one of the car’s windows.

They quickly gave the dog some water to drink and poured some on his body to help him cool down. The dog soon came back to his senses.

Dogs die in hot cars

Soon after, to the little dog’s delight, the owner appeared. He explained to the police that he had an appointment nearby and so, had left his dog in the car for around 3 hours! He wasn’t aware of the dangers of a hot car and was shocked to hear that his dog had been near death just a few moments ago. 

He promised that he would immediately take his dog to the vet’s. In the meantime, the police are pressing charges.

This poor dog was very lucky. Dozens of dogs die in hot cars every summer because people aren’t careful about leaving them for long periods of time. If it’s too hot outside and you can’t take your dog wherever you’re going, then leave your dog at home! They will be much safer and more comfortable.


Don't leave dogs in cars during the summer, it can be fatal. ©Wamiz
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