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Woman brings home kitten: After one sniff, her dog realises it’s not a cat at all

dog and panther in car dog-cat-wow
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A panther cub abandoned at birth has a new family now, including a giant Rottweiler who's always there to make sure his baby sister gets the love and protection she needs!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 24/04/2021, 21:00

Victoria, 31, from Russia, isn't your average fur-mum. And that's because her two 'babies' are Rottweiler Venza and panther cub Luna! Victoria adopted the panther cub from a Siberian zoo after it was rejected by its mother at birth. 

Venza was a little wary of the new arrival at first. A quick sniff revealed that this tiny furball wasn't the kind of kitty he was used to dealing with. But it didn't take long for him to warm up to his new sister, and now the adorable pair are practically inseparable.

Every day is a snuggle day

The cute duo enjoys playing, running in the garden, exploring the local forests, and being a bit goofy together. And every day ends with snuggle time.


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Venza is still the big brother and usually takes the lead during playtime. And like all older siblings, he can be a bit bossy. But Luna is now ten months old and weighs over 3-stone. And she's still got plenty of growing to do.

Big brother duties!

In other words, Venza's days as the big dog of the house might be numbered. But for now, his job is to make sure his 'baby' sister always feels loved and protected.


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Victoria received some criticism from some people on social media. They think Luna should be in an animal sanctuary. But Victoria has previous experience handling big cats, and Luna probably wouldn't have survived in the zoo.

Owning exotic animals like panthers without a license is illegal in the UK. People with no experience handling such creatures put themselves, others, and the animal at risk.