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Couple adopt puppy but return to shelter an hour later: Shelter staff is in shock

Couple adopt puppy but return to shelter an hour later: Shelter staff is in shock dog-happy
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A French couple were excited to collect their new rescue puppy but on the long drive home from the shelter they realised that one dog might not be enough...

By Natasha James

Published on the 06/04/2021, 21:00

Ringo and Ramzo didn’t have the best start in life. The two pups were found dumped in a rubbish bin along with their 6 brothers and sisters.

Sadly from the litter of eight, only six survived and while the other pups were all adopted immediately, Ringo and Razmo took a little longer to home.

The search for a dog

Cue couple Mélody and Pierre who were looking for a companion for their dog Pixel whom they’d adopted from the same shelter two years earlier. The couple saw little Ringo on the shelter’s website and fell in love. They decided he was the dog for them and excitedly went to pick him up.

But, when they arrived they saw little Razmo and learnt that due to an inoperable congenital cataract, no one wanted to adopt him.

A sad drive home...

Sadly they waved Razmo goodbye and headed home with little Ringo. But, after an hour of pondering the issue, the couple called the shelter and asked if they could give Razmo a home too.

When shelter staff first picked up the phone, they expected the couple to say they had changed their minds, which is sadly too often the case. But when they heard that the couple actually wanted to adopt Ringo's brother too, they couldn’t believe their ears.

Now, the two brothers are having a ball with their new family and big brother Pixel has taken them both under their wing.

We wish this little family all the very best!