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Children have sweetest reaction when parents surprise them with the perfect gift

Children surprised with tabby kitten cat-happy
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Little Paddington had a tough start to life, but when two siblings discover he's to be their new feline friend, their reaction shows he's finally found the purrfect home.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 21/03/2021, 21:00

The best bit about giving someone a gift is seeing their reaction, especially when it's something they've always wanted, such as an adorable kitten just like little Paddington. 

In this case, the parents couldn't have asked for a better response when they surprised their son and daughter with a brand new kitten. 

Meet Paddington

Lovely little Paddington has had a difficult start to life. Along with his siblings, at just four weeks old, he was discovered in a plastic box abandoned on the doorstep of a Cats Protection volunteer.

Following their ordeal, the poor little kittens were understandably nervous. Diane Armer, an experienced volunteer fosterer at Gildersome Homing Centre, took over the kittens' care. Fortunately, the kittens gradually became more sociable and grew in confidence. 

Once the kittens were old enough, it was time to start finding them forever homes.

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Leonie heard about the kittens and contacted Diane about adopting one of them for her children, 12-year-old Drew and eight-year-old Megan. The pair had been desperate for a cat for a while, and when Leonie heard about Paddington's outgoing personality, she knew he'd be a good fit for the family.

Purrfect surprise

Leonie decided not to tell the kids about Paddington and leave it as a surprise. She instead asked the children to sit on the sofa, put a blanket on their laps and close their eyes. Leonie then placed little Paddington between them. 

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In a video shared on Facebook by Cats Protection, you can see Drew and Megan sitting on the sofa patiently waiting for their surprise. When the pair are told they can open their eyes, they couldn't believe their eyes. Both children had huge smiles on their faces as they looked adoringly at their new feline friend. It was love at first sight.

Paddington has settled in well to his new home, although Leonie describes him as a "little monkey". He's also a very cuddly little cat and quickly became the best of friends with Drew and Megan.