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Woman drives for 100km in her new car before realising she’s not alone inside it

car keys being exchanged cat-wow
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There’s always an element of risk when you buy a second-hand car, but people are usually more concerned about potential mechanical faults than kitty stowaways!

By Natasha James

Published on the 11/01/2021, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:23

Life is full of surprises and when this woman purchased a new car, the last added extra she expected was a feline friend.

After driving for around 100km, the woman heard noises in the car and was shocked to turn around and see a sleepy, furry head emerging from the backseat.

A safe spot for a sleepy cat

The sleepy cat had curled up for a place to keep warm and when he realised the air smelled different, he panicked a little.

It seems that he had snuck into the vehicle on a cold and windy day, not realising that his warm and cosy spot could, in fact, move!

The woman immediately called the original owner of the vehicle who claimed the cat was not his. Unfortunately, the cat wasn’t chipped either so her next stop was the Cat World Asylum Foundation.

Searching for his forever home

Internet users are claiming this magical surprise was a sign and that the woman in question should keep the cat but unfortunately, this wasn’t possible. She did however pay for vaccinations and for the cat to be neutered.

Now the little kitty, named, Ignaś, is looking for his forever home just in time for Christmas. We wish the adventurous little kitty all the very best.

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