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Cat suddenly becomes paralysed: X-ray reveals the shocking reason why

X-ray of cat cat-wow

When concerned neighbours spot an abandoned cat with paralysed hind legs, they know they must act fast, but no one could have predicted what the x-ray would later reveal.

By Zoë Monk

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It was in the Spanish town of Sarria where locals spotted a cat with paralysed back legs. The cat didn't seem to be able to move, so the neighbours got in touch with The Huellas de Sarria association.

The cat was surprisingly hard to catch, despite her obvious limited mobility. Eventually, the shelter volunteers were able to catch her and get a first proper look at the cat.

Little hope

Once the volunteers had got the cat out of the undergrowth, it was clear that she was in a bad way. It wasn't clear what had caused the paralysis, but the cat was in a very serious condition, so the volunteers took her straight to the vet.

As the vet examined the cat, who had been called Fiuncha, they found that she had very little sensitivity in her back legs. However, there was a small glimmer of hope. The vet found the cat had some degree of reflex in her legs. The vet then ordered an x-ray which was to reveal just what had caused Fiuncha's paralysis.

Everyone was shocked to learn that the poor cat had a pellet lodged in her spine, causing the area to swell, which stopped her from being able to move her hind legs.

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Strength to strength

Fiuncha stayed at the vet for several days to receive treatment before having an operation to remove the pellet.

Since then, Fiuncha has gone from strength to strength.

Thanks to physiotherapy to strengthen her left leg and the care of her foster parent, who was also the vet who treated her, Fiuncha is a different cat. Her personality has begun to shine through to reveal a loving, playful and friendly cat. Hopefully, she won't have to wait long before she finds her forever home.

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