Nine hilarious pet photos that you’ll have to look at twice

Nine hilarious pet photos that you’ll have to look at twice dog-cat-wow
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Pet owners have been sharing some baffling photos that capture the moment their beloved pets unintentionally sent them into a panic before they did a double-take.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 20/07/2021, 06:30

We aren't always able to immediately take in the scene in front of us and understand what we are seeing. So when you walk into a room and see your beloved kitty lying on the floor surrounded by a red substance, it's not surprising that you automatically think the worst.

Likewise, when you first glance at these photos, you will immediately see why the animal's owner went into panic mode. The scenes are horrifying, baffling and outright bizarre, that is until you go back and take a second look.


Pet owners have been taking to social media to share photos and videos of the moments when they almost found themselves having a pet-induced panic attack. Here are nine of the best must-see images that will make you have to look twice!

1. Teeth of a werewolf

I think I found Carcharoth from r/prancingponypod

Your pup has suddenly grown more teeth than the wildest werewolf.

2. The magic paw

You'll be relieved to discover it's just the cat's 'armless' prank.

3. Cat scene investigation

Cat gave me a scare this morning

Your cat's fun with the paprika ends up looking like a murder scene.

4. Magician's assistant

Long dog with a section missing from r/illusionporn

Your dog has managed to lose the middle of their body.

5. Here's Kitty

That spooked the shit out of me ._. from r/funny

Your cat reenacts The Shining, while you nearly have a panic attack.

6. Your dog is now a tiger

Look at the bengal tiger... no, no, wait... from r/funny

Your dog wants to test out a new stripy look.

<7. Doggy without a tail

Your white dog sits next to the white cat toy at the exact time they sit on their tail.

8. Your dog has eaten a jogger (and brought home what's left)

My dog its trying to scare the shit out of me

Maybe he just wanted somewhere to store his bone?

9. The pup that grew an extra paw

However many times you count his feet, you still get 5.